Warmly Congratulate the Grand Opening of the 2022 China Nuclear Energy High Quality Development Conference and Shenzhen International Nuclear Energy Industry Innovation Expo!
2022-11-16 17:00:15

On November 15th, 2022 China Nuclear Energy High-Quality Development Conference and Shenzhen International Nuclear Energy Industry Innovation Expo (2022 Shenzhen Nuclear Expo) was grandly opened in Shenzhen International Exhibition Center. Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Technology Co., Ltd attended this expo with professional process control valve solutions.

微信图片_20221116080619The theme of 2022 Shenzhen Nuclear Expo is“Nuclear in Greater Bay Area, Dynamic World”, which was organized by China Energy Research Society, China General Nuclear Power Group, and Shenzhen D&R Committee. The conference contributes to building a global platform for nuclear energy communication between businessmen participating in the exhibition. Leaders and experts convened to publicize and implement the national strategy for the safe and efficient development of nuclear energy, display innovative achievements, and discuss the development direction and solutions. The purpose is to support technological innovation in the nuclear energy industry, help China build the nuclear power industry, and converge industrial knowledge for the development of nuclear power in China or even the whole world.
微信图片_20221116080652Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Technology Co., Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing special valves, all kinds of medium-high pressure control valves, desuperheaters, bypass valves, boiler feed water control valves, minimum flow valves, gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, check valves, blowdown valves and related turbine, boiler auxiliaries.

Dongchen Valve are looking forward to your visit at Hall 13 Booth I12-B at Shenzhen International Exhibition Center. Hoping to provide high-quality valves for you!


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