Chemical Industry
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                                        Chemical Industry


           The chemical industry is the basic and pillar industry of the national economy. The chemical industry plays an important role in the national economy of all countries. The speed and scale of the chemical industry have a direct impact on all sectors of the social economy.

            Due to the variety of chemical industry, complex technology, and diverse products, the pollutants discharged in production are of many kinds, large quantities, and high toxicity. To promote the high-quality development of chemical products, “DOCN VALVE" can provide high-quality valves to meet the needs of chemical production, reduce carbon emissions, increase safety, and reduce environmental pollution. The chemical industry solutions of Dongchen meet all applicable environmental standards including TA Luft and ISO 15848. We continue to optimize independent innovation, and improve research and development capabilities, through the global sales network to help customers improve their core competitiveness.

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