How It Works? - Dongchen DC3700 Bypass Valve
2022-10-15 15:00:04

Dongchen Bypass Valves are designed to divert steam from one part of the system (such as power generation or process steam such as paper and pulp production) to a reheat or exhaust piping to safeguard equipment from over-pressure. Designed to cope with pressure and temperature differentials, they are used in many applications.


DOCN DC3700 series are mainly designed for steam conditioning applications in the turbine bypass system. The DC3700 precisely controls steam flow, reduces pressure and cools down steam. The DC3700 Series can meet continuous operation with little maintenance due to the material of trim. In the turbine bypass station, steam temperature must be reduced to protect downstream components from high temperatures and pressures. This achieved by multiple pressure reduction stages and by injecting the finest drops of cool feedwater into the steam flow with excellent adjustable ratio. Zhejiang Dongchen Bypass Valves provide high- performance flow control and high-efficient integration.

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