DCF Type Nozzles - DOCN Desuperheater
2022-10-17 15:00:02

[DCF Type Nozzles - DOCN Desuperheater]


DOCN Desuperheater is equipped with a spray pipe downstream of its pressure reducing stage. The manifold features variable geometry, backpressure activated spray nozzles that maximize mixing and quick evaporation of spray water.

Dongchen DCF type nozzles provide excellent atomization, similar to engine atomization nozzles.


The cross-sectional area of the nozzle is fixed, and when the flow rate of the desuperheated water becomes smaller, the water flow rate and the jet flow rate also decrease. Upstream of the nozzle is equipped with a spiral device (specially designed nozzle orifice plate), making the water spray in a spiral atomization mode, which can partially compensate for the reduction of atomization performance caused by the above reasons, so as to ensure the acceptable system adjustable ratio in some occasions.

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