Maintenance of Pneumatic Control Valve
2022-09-21 16:00:12


The daily maintenance of Pneumatic Control Valve mainly includes the following items:

1. Inwall of valve body.

Check its pressure and corrosion resistance.

2. Valve seat.

Because of the medium infiltration, the inner surface of the thread used to fix the valve seat is susceptible to corrosion and make the valve seat loose, so attention should be paid during inspection. For high pressure occasions, the valve seat sealing face should also be checked to see if it is washed out.

3. Valve core.

Carefully check whether all parts of the valve core are corroded and worn, especially under the condition of high pressure difference. In addition, check whether the valve rod has similar phenomenon or is loose with the valve core.

4. Diaphragm, O-ring and other gaskets.

Check whether it is aged or cracked.

5. Seal packing.

Check whether the PTFE packing and sealing grease are aged and dried up, and whether the mating surface is damaged.

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