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Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou Dongchen Heating Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2006, locates in Qianjiang Economical and Technological Development Zone,hangzhou,Zhejiang province. It specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance valves, various high and medium pressure control valves, desuperheaters, steam turbine bypass valves, and boiler feed-water control valve, minimum flow valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, check valve, blowdown valve and other valves and related steam turbine auxiliary devices, boiler auxiliary equipment. The products are widely used in various capacity of coal-fired thermal power units, gas-fired combined heat and power projects, as well as in the fields of oil refining, chemical industry, metallurgy and central heating system. 

In order to improve the product quality steadily, Dongchen follows strict industry standards, which means all products can pass comprehensive quality tests to ensure that they can meet customer requirements. Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 &45001 certifications, by which we ensure the product quality as well as the smallest environmental effect and impact on employee-health. 

 In response to a national manufacturing digital transformation, Zhejiang Dongchen Valve , as early declaring Wisdom-couplet factory enterprise, now set the PLM, ERP, Wisdom-logistics, Production-equipment-crystal-ball, Intellectual-material-lot module, from contracting an order to research and development design, raw materials procurement, production and processing, realized the integrated production, quality inspection, warehousing into one digit module, built a new industrial valve digital production plant and office, is on the new journey of new manufacturing of Dongchen Valve.

about us
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