Intelligent Manufacturing
Intelligent Manufacturing Helps To Upgrade Traditional Industries

“Made In China 2025” emphasizes that the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology is the commanding point of a new round of industrial competition, and the intelligent manufacturing is the main direction to seize this commanding point

Our company relies on the available digital platform to rapidly deploy more professional applications, such as PLM, EMS, HR, OA, QMS, ERP etc. These platforms make the overall information structure better improvement, and create value rapidly and continuously.At present, process electronization, data electronization, and product process electronization have been realized, providing a basic for data-making, gradually realizing automatic production, heading for new generation of intelligent manufacturing, building intelligent factories and launching intelligent products.

Intelligent manufacturing
OA System

Paperless Process

It can fully realize the electronization, standardization and efficiency of the process by cooperating with the powerful engine function of OA.

Knowledge Management

Sharing And Archiving Of Data.

Integrated Development

Realize data exchange with PLM system, ERP system, QMS system, integrate and develop company’s process, and efficiently meet the company’s operational needs, such as contract review, quotation and etc.

PLM System

Archiving and organizing drawings for easy search and traceability

Establish product BOM information, connecting ERP

ERP System

Supply Chain Management

Provide procurement management, outsourcing, inventory management, quality management, inventory accounting, and etc. to achieve full management of supply chain business.

Financial Management

ERP can comprehensively manage the financial affairs of the enterprise. It realizes real-time capital management, refined cost management, internal control, and the organic unity of rapid financial analysis, helping the financial management of enterprises to change from accounting type transform to business decision-making, and ultimately maximize corporate value.

Manufacturing Management

ERP can manage enterprise planning, production management, workshop management personnel, BOM, production planning, capacity planning, production task management, and workshop process management, etc., to realize the establishment of a flexible product delivery system for the enterprise, and to achieve system for the enterprise, and to achieve refined production management and agile manufacturing.

Barcode Application

The application of barcodes runs through the management of raw materials and finished products, from the warehousing of raw materials to production and use,workshop process tracking, and then to finish products warehousing, sales the whole process of out-of-warehouse, inventory, etc. Helping enterprises to record orders quickly and accurately through barcodes, and improve the work efficiency of enterprises, and reduce the probability of errors.

QMS System

Data input of incoming inspection and in-process inspection, and automatic quality report.

Statistical analysis of unqualified data.

Automatic generation of monthly quality statistical report.

Automatic generation and classification of quality reports.

MES System

Planned Work Allocation

Connect to the ERP system, combine production, inventory, capacity, workshop exceptions, etc. to formulate production plans and schedule production to employees and equipment.

Paperless On Site

Combined with drawings and BOM in PLM system, the operators can directly view drawings and technical documents through the tablet computer.

Process Control

The production information and quality information are uploaded to the system at any time. The quality data is connected to the QMS information system in real time to form a quality report, so as to achieve real-time product control and traceability.

Equipment Management

Check the real-time operating status and fault information, use the mobile PDA to realize the repair, maintenance, and checking list, establish the equipment life cycle file and analyze the equipment cost performance.

Factory Kanban

Intelligently collect the data, extract all kanban information, update the data in real time and provide it to decision-makers for analysis.

Production Automation
 Production automation
Already Implemented Auto-pipe welding and plasma automatic welding of valve body and valve seat sealing surface have been realized
 Production automation
Planned Addition Mitsubishi CNC is being installed and can complete valve body below DN600 in one processing.
Production automation
Production automation
Product Intelligence
Self-diagnosis And Monitoring

It can provide intelligent control products and services, such as online control parameter setting, valve opening and valve flow characteristic correction.

 Product intelligence
Centralized Control, Cloud service

It can provide intelligent control products and service, such as remote control, centralized control, PC terminal and mobile terminal control.

 Product intelligence
Turnkey Project

It can provide the overall development, in field operation, integrated products and services for valves, actuators, automatic adjustment control systems (including PLC system, monitor board and PLC touch screen software )

 Product intelligence
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