Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Appears at China First Nuclear Expo
2022-11-24 15:00:04

On November 15th, 2022, the three-day "2022 China Nuclear Energy High-quality Development Conference and Shenzhen International Nuclear Energy Industry Innovation Expo" with the theme of "Nuclear in Greater Bay Area, Dynamic World" was grandly opened in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Technology Co., Ltd. debuted at the exhibition with high-end control valves and desuperheaters.


The Shenzhen Nuclear Expo is hosted by the China Energy Research Society. It is a high-standard, high-quality, and high-scale exhibition in the domestic nuclear energy field, showing the demeanor of a big country. In addition to on-site exhibitions, more than 10 high-quality nuclear energy forums, such as the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy forum and the nuclear power equipment forum, will be held at the same time. Relevant leaders and experts from "government, enterprise, school, research, application" and other agencies, enterprises, scientific research units gathered together to discuss the direction and path of high-quality development of nuclear energy in China, and to jointly describe the high-quality development blueprint of the nuclear energy industry.


At the exhibition site, Yang Zhenhua, deputy general manager and general counsel of China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation Limited, Shen Yanfeng, vice chairman of China Energy Research Society and deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation, Tian Ruihang, deputy general manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Li Pengzhou, deputy chief engineer of Nuclear Power Institute of China and other leading guests toured the exhibition.


Li Pengzhou, deputy chief engineer, visited Dongchen Valve's booth for guidance and learned more about Dongchen's operation and management, development and design, manufacturing, product information, technological innovation, etc. He exchanged views with Wu Qiyou, the sales manager of Dongchen, and Chen Guohong, the manager of the international trade department, on how to promote further cooperation between Dongchen Valve and the nuclear power industry. They reached a consensus, and looked forward to a good future cooperation prospect in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.


At this nuclear expo, Dongchen Valve's booth took the core values of "professionalism, innovation, responsibility, and integrity" as the theme and two corporate colors of "bright orange" and "intelligent gray" as the main colors. Closely centering on the theme of "Dynamic World", combined with pictures on exhibition boards, text introductions and product objects, the booth vividly and comprehensively demonstrated the basic development and recent achievements of Dongchen in energy-saving development, technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

Dongchen's main products-- desuperheaters, bypass valves, pilot-operated low noise control valves, labyrinth control valves, integrated adjustable nozzle control valves, multi-stage pressure-reducing anti-cavitation cage control valves, fixed metal hard seal ball valves, and triple-offset metal seal butterfly valves, made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition, which fully demonstrated the industrial characteristics and brand image of Dongchen Valve, and demonstrated the core competitiveness and unlimited charm of Dongchen Valve, receiving unanimous praise from visiting experts and leaders.


Over the years, Dongchen Valve has adhered to the path of professional and innovative development, and has long been committed to providing safe and reliable high-end control valve solutions for electric power, petroleum, new energy and other fields. In 2022, the company is rated as a national professional, sophisticated, special, and innovative "little giant" enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, a science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province AAA unit of honoring contracts and pledges. And it is the valve research and development center of Zhejiang Province, the credit management demonstration unit of Hangzhou City, the safety production standardization unit, the member unit of China Valve Association, and the director unit of China Petrochemical Thermal Engineering Association. Besides, the company has now become a qualified supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem, CNNC, China Huaneng Group, China Huadian Corporation, State Power Investment Corporation, China Datang Corporation, China Energy Investment, and Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group Company Ltd.


At this Shenzhen Nuclear Expo, participating experts and guests provided brand-new development ideas for various innovations of enterprises under the background of the "dual carbon" strategy, and provided highly operable, enforceable guidance.

Deeply enlightened by the sharing, Dongchen is willing to jointly practice China nuclear energy high-quality development initiative, do a solid job of product technology renewal and transformation, continue to provide customers with low-carbon, intelligent and reliable products and solutions, promote the localization of high-end control valves, and contribute to the cause of China's nuclear power construction.

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