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Special Series Control Valve

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The basic type of DC1629L / D pilot type low-noise regulating valve (which can be used for steam venting) is straight through valve body, pilot balanced valve core, low-noise or multi-stage pressure reduction and low-noise cage regulating valve, which is

Product description

Technical Data

Body type

DC1629L globe

DC1529L angle

DC1629D globe

DC1529D angle

Body size

DN50 – DN600(2″- 24″)

Plug size

DN50 – DN600(2″- 24″)

Nominal   pressure

PN16 – PN420(ANSI class 150 - 2500)

Design   temperature

-29℃ - 620℃



Body materials

A216 WCB/WCC,A217 WC6/WC9/C12A,A352   LCB/LCC,A351 CF8/CF8M

Trim materials

GB1220 20Cr13/S30408/S31608/17-4PHA479 XM-19 Inconel 718A182 F6NM+STL

Adjustable   ratio

50:1 – 30:1

Flow   characteristics

linear 、EQ%

Metal seal

GB4213 Ⅳ    ANSI class Ⅳ

Soft seal



Electric actuator

Pneumatic diaphragm actuator

Pneumatic   cylinder actuator

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