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Special Series Control Valve

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DC1420 material angle valve is generally installed at the bottom of the container or reactor, which has high requirements for the working stability, reliability and service life . Its smooth flow linear valve body channel design, spherical single .

Product description

Technical Data

Nominal diameter: DN50/25 ~ DN750/700 

Pressure class : PN1.6 ~ PN26MPa(ANSI 150 #~ 1500#)

Valve body material: selected according to the medium

Structural form: up spreading type, down spreading type, plunger type

Leakage grade of valve seat: GB4213 grade V / VI

Operating temperature : - 196  ~ 650 

Connection : flanged  ,BW

Valve cover type: standard type, heat dissipation type

Filler material: flexible graphite, PTFE

Valve seat leakage class:ANSI V,VI


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