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Special Series Control Valve

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DC1620J series jacketed control valve is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries to transport heavy oil, rubber and other high viscosity media which are easy to crystallize and solidify at room temperature.

Product description

Technical Date

Nominal diameter: DN20 ~ DN200 (3 / 4 ″ ~ 8 ″)

Pressure class: PN16 ~ PN250 (ANSI 150 ~ 1500)

Operating temperature : - 20 ~ 566

Quickly exchangable valve trim, easy maintenance

Leakage class of valve seat: GB4213 grade IV / V

The leakage grade of embedded soft seal valve seat is GB4213 grade VI

Steam insulation prevents fluid crystallization, and the bottom drain port is optional

Full steam insulation jacket or semi steam insulation jacket can be selected

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