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Special Series Control Valve

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DC1521 series self -operated pressure regulating valve is an executive product of automatic control valve by using the energy of the regulated medium without any additional energy. The most unique feature of this product is that it can be used in places w

Product description

DC1521B series post-valve regulator


The regulating valve is used to control the pressure behind the valve. The action mode of the valve is pressure closed type. Its working principle is as follows:

The medium flows into the valve body in the direction of the arrow and is output after throttling by the valve seat and valve core. The other way is introduced into the actuator through the pressure taking pipe (add condenser when the medium is steam) and acts on the diaphragm, causing the corresponding displacement of the valve core to achieve the purpose of reducing pressure and stabilizing pressure. If the pressure behind the valve increases and the force acting on the diaphragm increases, compress the spring and drive the valve core to reduce the opening of the valve until the pressure behind the valve drops to the set value. Similarly, if the pressure behind the valve decreases, the force acting on the diaphragm decreases. Due to the reaction force of the spring, the valve core is driven to increase the opening of the valve until the pressure behind the valve rises to the set value.

Technical Data

Nominal diameter:DN20~DN300(3/4″~12″)

Pressure class:PN16~PN100(ANSI 150~600)


Type of bonnet:Standard type、heat dissipation type

Leakage class:Ⅳ(metal seal),Ⅵ(soft seal)

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