Factors Affecting the Sealing Performance of Valves
2022-09-19 15:00:20


Valve leakage is very common in life and production, which may cause waste in light and danger in heavy cases. A valve that relies on external forces to open and close is designed with a sealing device, but what about the sealing performance? Valve packing is one of the most vulnerable parts of the valve leakage failure, the reasons for which are broadly the following reasons.

1. Structure of Sealing Pair

Under the change of temperature or sealing force, the structure of the sealing pair will be changed. And this change will affect and change the force between the sealing pairs, thus reducing the performance of the valve seal.

2. Specific Pressure of Sealing Face

The specific pressure of the sealing surface affects the sealing performance and service life of the valve. Under the same conditions, too high specific pressure will cause valve damage, but too low specific pressure will cause valve leakage.

3. Physical Properties of Medium

The physical properties of the medium also affect the valve sealing performance. These physical properties include temperature, viscosity and surface hydrophilicity.

4. Quality of Sealing Pair

The quality of sealing pair mainly means that we should check the selection, matching and manufacturing accuracy of materials. For example, the fit between the valve clack and the sealing face of the valve seat can improve the sealing performance.

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