Pressure Test of Ball Valve
2022-09-16 15:00:10

In chemical production, if there is fluid passing through, valves will be used, so the importance of the valve in the chemical industry can not be overstated. In general, the commonly used media for valve pressure test are water, oil, air, steam, nitrogen, etc.


The strength test of the pneumatic ball valve should be conducted in the half-open state of the ball.

      1. Sealing test of floating ball valve: Keep the valve in the half open state, introduce the test medium at one end and close the other end. Turn the ball several times and open the closed end for inspection when the valve is in the closed state, and check the sealing performance at the packing and gasket, there shall be no leakage. Then introduce the test medium from the other end and repeat the above test.

      2. Sealing test of fixed ball valve: Before the test, rotate the ball several times without load. When the fixed ball valve is closed, and the test medium is introduced from one end to the specified value. Check the sealing performance of the introduced end with a pressure gauge. The accuracy of the pressure gauge is 0.5 to 1 level, the range is 1.5 times the test pressure. In the specified time, no pressure drop is qualified. Then introduce the test medium from the other end and repeat the above test. After that, keep the valve in a half-open state, both ends closed and the inner cavity is full of media. Checking the packing and gasket at the test pressure, there shall be no leakage.

3. Three-way ball valves shall be subject to sealing test in all positions.


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