Dongchen Attended the "7th Procurement Conference For China Petroleum and Chemical Industry"
2023-05-22 10:56:26

2023-05-17 102348.JPG

On May 17, 2023,  "7th Procurement Conference For China Petroleum and Chemical Industry" was grandly opened in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Dongchen Intelligence attended this exhibition with high-end control valves.

The theme of the conference is "Stable Chain, Tough Chain, High Quality". In this conference, Dongchen Intelligence learned the development strategy and measures to strengthen the supply and industrial chain, and widely exchanged the practical experience of enterprise material procurement, which was very fruitful. 

At the booth site, Dongchen Intelligence introduced DOCN products and technical working conditions for customers, interacted with industry experts on site and discussed new trends in industry development. With high quality products and advanced technology process, Dongchen Intelligent high-end control valves are well received.

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