3D Digital System Helps Dongchen Build An Intelligent Factory
2023-03-18 15:00:14

On March 13, Dongchen Intelligent introduced a 3D digital system, using digital technology to empower valves, improve the efficiency of valve technology research and development, save the cost of valve production process, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the company.


Digital transformation is to build a 3D digital design R&D management platform based on intelligent manufacturing. It is to promote the integration of information systems and data sharing in various links such as valve design and R&D, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, enterprise management, and marketing maintenance. Finally the company realizes the transformation and upgrading of smart factory.



Wang Lihua, general manager of the company, mentioned that the transformation and upgrading of the 3D digital system is a revolutionary change for Dongchen. The purpose of digital transformation is to use the 3D model as the carrier, use the 3D model to automatically generate BOM and process bills, and use parametric automatic design to improve design efficiency and accuracy. On this basis, in the future, the system will further open up the AE and sales side, and automatically complete parameterized model selection, automatic quotation and automatic sample drawing. In the future, digital delivery and manufacturing MES system can also be seamlessly connected, so that the cost and delivery time can be controlled, and finally realize the digitalization of the whole process of valve design and development. 


Luo Linhua, chairman of the company, emphasized that Dongchen Intelligent has always aimed at intelligent products and intelligent production processes. With the introduction of the 3D digital system this time, Dongchen will focus on core products and core processes, promote the deep integration of 3D digital information technology and manufacturing, and build Dongchen smart factories.


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