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High-pressure Differential Valve

Summary information:

DOCN high pressure difference series regulating valves are specially suitable for control valves under extreme conditions such as high temperature and high pressure difference.

Product description

Schematic diagram of multistage Depressurization

Body type

DC1834 Globe

DC1221 Globe

Body size

DN50 – DN4002- 16

DN20 – DN1003/4- 4

Nominal pressure

PN16 – PN420ANSI class 150 - 2500

PN16 – PN420ANSI class 150 - 2500

Design temperature

-196 - 620



Body materials

Forged 20/15CrMo/12Cr1MoV A105A182   F11/F22/F91/F92/F304/F316

Trim materials

GB1220 20Cr13/S30408/S31608/17-4PHA182 F6NMA479 XM-19Inconel   718

Adjustable ratio

50:1 – 20:1

Flow characteristics

 linear EQ%

Metal seat

GB4213   ANSI class

Soft seat

Bubble-tight GB4213   ANSI

Trim levels



Electric actuator

Pneumatic diaphragm actuator

Pneumatic cylinder actuator


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