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Low and Medium Differential Valve

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DC1624D / E double-layer cage control valve have straight- through valve body, balanced plug and cage-guided control valve, which are widely used in extreme working conditions. The fluid is mainly regulated by the cage of special drilling cage.

Product description


Body type

DC1624D globe

DC1524D   angle

DC1624E   globe

DC1524E   angle

Nominal diameter

DN20 – DN600(3/4″- 24″)

Plug size

DN9 – DN600(3/8″- 24″)

Nominal pressure

PN16 – PN420(ANSI class 150 - 2500)

Design temperaturer

-196℃ - 620℃


FRF、FM、RTJ、 butt weld,socket weld

Body materials

A216 WCB/WCC,A217 WC6/WC9/C12A,A352 LCB/LCC,A351 CF8/CF8M

Trim materials

GB1220 20Cr13/S30408/S31608/17-4PHA479 XM-19 Inconel 718A182 F6NM+STL+PTFE

Adjustable ratio

50:1 – 30:1

Flow characteristics

linear 、EQ%

Metal seal

GB4213 Ⅳ   ANSI class   Ⅳ

Soft seal

Bubble-tight GB4213 Ⅵ  ANSI Ⅵ


Electric actuator

Pneumatic diaphragm actuator

Pneumatic   cylinder actuator

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