The Leaders of the United Front Work Department of Jiangshan Municipal Party Committee Visited Dongchen for Guidance
2022-11-28 17:00:09

On the afternoon of November 25th, 2022, Wu Songgao, executive deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Jiangshan Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders visited Dongchen Valve for research and guidance.


The fire protection industry is a pillar industry in Jiangshan City and has a very large influence across the country. Vice Minister Wu first expounded in detail the development concept and goals of the fire protection industry in Jiangshan City, reviewed the development history of some fire protection enterprises of fire extinguishers, fire doors, fire hosesin in Jiangshan City, and looked forward to the development prospects of the fire protection industry.

Luo Linhua, chairman of Dongchen Valve, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the United Front Work Department of the Jiangshan Municipal Party Committee and the fire protection entrepreneurs. He gave a detailed introduction to Dongchen's development history and brand building, intelligent manufacturing and digital products, product quality and core competitive advantages, and how to implement measures in response to the call of the national double carbon policy. With great interest, Vice Minister Wu and other leaders visited DOCN's workshop to check the various processes of production, especially the intelligent manufacturing equipment and production technology, which won the praise of Vice Minister Wu and fire entrepreneurs.

Fire entrepreneurs fully affirmed Dongchen's advanced corporate governance concept and standard corporate management. Vice Minister Wu expressed appreciation for Dongchen's corporate culture and business philosophy, and spoke highly of the DOCN's breakthroughs and innovations in the field of valves. He really encouraged Dongchen to further improve the product quality and corporate image, extend the industry chains, gather talents and technology, to make the company bigger and stronger.

Vice Minister Wu specifically mentioned that Jiangshan City is developing smart fire protection industry, promote the cooperation between Jiangshan fire protection product manufacturing enterprises and platform companies, and vigorously develop products such as intelligent pumps and valves, intelligent sprinkler systems, intelligent fire protection isolation systems. They are expecting that Dongchen's Valve could be used in the field of fire protection, and help promote Jiangshan's industrial development.

Chairman Luo expressed gratefulness to the leaders of Jiangshan City and fire entrepreneurs. Dongchen is willing to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Jiangshan firefighting enterprises in the fields of industry construction and firefighting services. Learning "Jiangshan Firefighting Mode", Dongchen will help fire enterprises and industry realize high-quality development.


Leaders of the Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce of Jiangshan City, fire protection entrepreneurs, Wu Xianqiang, assistant to the general manager of the company, director of operations, accompanied the survey.

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