Luo Linhua, Chairman of Dongchen Valve and His Delegation Visited Zhejiang University Advanced Electrical Equipment Innovation Center
2022-11-02 15:00:06

On the afternoon of October 31, Luo Linhua, chairman of Zhejiang Dongchen Valve Technology Co., LTD, and his delegation visited Zhejiang University Advanced Electrical Equipment Innovation Center. They had in-depth exchanges with Dr. He Xiaoli of Zhejiang University Advanced Electrical Equipment Innovation Center, Zhou Jingchun, the leader of Qiankai District and others on the cooperation between industry, university and research (IUR).


Chairman Luo Linhua firstly introduced the development history of our company, the direction of Dongchen product innovation research. Chairman Luo reported to the leaders on the topics of IUR (research on domestic high-end severe working conditions intelligent valves and intelligent valve actuators) that Dongchen is concerned about.

Dr. He introduced that Zhejiang University Advanced Electrical Equipment Innovation Center is located in the Liandong U Valley Industrial Park in Hangzhou Qianjiang Economic Development Area, covering an area of 25,000 square meters. It has three research institutes, including Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Servo System Research Institute, Advanced Industrial Equipment Power Motor System Research Institute and New Energy Vehicle Electric Drive System Research Institute. It is committed to integrating the innovative academic achievements and talent resources of College of Electrical Engineering Zhejiang University, docking with Yuhang industry and carrying out technical research. Zhejiang University Advanced Electrical Equipment Innovation Center strives to build an achievement-transforming base with the aim of innovation-driven, local service, result transformation and market-oriented and an international first-class advanced electrical equipment innovation center.

Leader Zhou Jingchun analyzed the matchmaking between Dongchen Valve and the Innovation Center, and hoped that through the exchange, a consensus could be reached between the university and enterprise on topics of common concern. It is expected that in the future, the two sides can achieve deep integration of industrial research and development in the hot land of advanced manufacturing innovation Qiankai District, make achievements, and enhance mutual communication and exchange.

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