DC3700 Bypass Desuperheater
2022-09-03 13:39:35


The DC3700 bypass desuperheater is the best solution for steam conditioning combining high performance flow control with efficient integrated steam desuperheating. Various desuperheaters of DOCN can be assembled in suitable steam regulation occasions to provide sufficient desuperheating water for different steam flow conditions, and can be easily adjusted.

The primary application for the DC3700 series is the turbine bypass system, whose application is not limited by actual pressure, temperature and flow. A large number of application experience has resulted in the use of trims that reduce wear, and to meet continuous operation where minimal maintenance is required. 

For continuous steam cooling where a large amount of desuperheating water is required, a variety of different injection composite chambers can be assembled. And a protective lining is built in the injection composite chamber to prevent damage.

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