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On-Boarding Training for New Employees
2022-08-27 14:25:19

In the afternoon of August 24, 2022, the opening ceremony of DOCN’s training for fresh graduates was held. Twelve new employees from seven provinces and cities, the leaders of General Manager Office and the manager of Technology R&D department attended this ceremony.


At the beginning of the meeting, the new employees got to know the leaders and made their self-introduction. Then Wang Lihua, the general manager of Dongchen Valve, welcomed the new employees. Mr. Wang introduced the company’s products, such as control valve, ball valve and butterfly valve… He also put forward the requirement that everyone should master the professional knowledge and technology of valves during the training.


Our chairman Luo Linhua made an important speech at the opening ceremony and introduced the struggle of the company. With this, Mr. Luo encouraged the new employees: It is a great time for you to learn and carry out self-improvement through continuous learning. Opportunities are for those who are prepared. Now the valve industry is developing rapidly, and our valve design, manufacturing and sales departments are all in urgent need of talents, so I hope you can become the mainstays of DOCN in the future.


Finally, Mr. Luo put forward the vision of “creating beauty” and gave a vivid interpretation to the definition of “beauty”. Everyone should work as a team to make contributions to the company and valve industry. He expected that new employees would keep great ambitions and obtain abundant results in their work.

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